So I Finished University

A New Level Of Confidence And Power

Pantera (1992)

It’s been months since i’ve actually written one of these, but it’s the typical student thing to do, it seems yesterday i final put the final nail in the coffin which has been three years and £18,000 to possibly be awarded the title of a bachelor of science in combined honours, i believe that’s the full title. I could have still messed up my exams and end up back for a September or torment but i figure now is time for a little back and a look forward.

There’s a lot i didn’t achieve at university that most students will, i never met that dream girl who’s going to be my wife, i never found myself engrained in cultural debate of the highest echelon feeling like a talented bright young mind and i never did that dream placement in a foreign country that shows you the world of work isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be.

So what did i do exactly, i made a tonne of jokes about my penis in social settings, procrastinated a lot and helped run a society for two years, but here’s the interesting thing i honestly feel this experience has been more valuable to me as a person than the actual outcome of my degree. I remember my first year at university, i basically was a replica of the Indian chief from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest, mute and timid as a mouse. A watcher rather than a participant in the web of society.

I still have a long way to go believe me, i’m not the finished article, i may never well be. I guess no man pictures himself suited and booted with a short back and sides loading his wife and children into a piece of German automotive engineering. Perhaps that’s something you only realize when you get there, my parents have always told me they just feel like kids with responsibilities.

But this is what scares me now i’ve completed my degree, the path is my own, the sheltered progression of one level of academia to another is now probably out of my reach unless i wish to retreat into a masters and a PHD to prolong my avoidance of the working world, especially with doing a degree like Sociology and Psychology, not only firstly has it allowed me to truly think, something so few are allowed to do in modern society, it’s why if you ever watch a prison documentary on death row inmates they’re so articulate well versed and wonder why they’re even responsible for killing someone when they’re that sharp witted. Its this time to think that brings out the cynic and the muse in all of us and aside from referencing two awesome bands there i’m going to leave this topic now, for the part of not looking like a pompus jackass on the internet.

What i can focus on is how thankful i am to my parents and all the people around me who have been with me through this transitional period of life, it’s been a rocky past five years my family going anywhere from millionaires to on the dole in them, luckily i’ve always come first, been well clothed, fed, emotionally supported and provided for and damn, that makes my mom and dad a good set of parents, i don’t often praise them enough but they’ve always been there, i can’t wait to try and repay the favour somehow.

It’s also been interesting to me the cavalcade of characters i’ve met in university from, weird people on the first day who you avoid in the corridors for the next three years, some of the friendliest mature students you could meet who probably see an old soul in me, girls who i’ve given some terrible terrible dates and my beloved Rocksoc, who probably wont remain an ever present force in my life when they all disperse to different parts of the country or just fizzles out with a dud batch of freshers but hey, guys you’ve given me three years of memorable nights out and hopefully i can still bum about a bit if i’m not too old and uncool for the new blood.

Now we get to the tricky part, what does my future hold for me? Well hopefully a 2:1 degree classification so i’m not terminally unemployed. Somehow i’ve managed to convince my parents i deserve the summer off after being in education for 18 years. For which i’ve attempted to plan a “dream summer” i’m highly skeptical it’s probably just going to be working out in my garage and two festivals sandwiched between two big ol’ chunks of boredom, luckily i do have a Netflix subscription.

Then who knows, time to look for a job to fund my desires for custom shop guitars, a driving license and sleeve of tattoos. I hope i have the spirit of “the grafter” in me and i hit the ground running getting my job done, honest work for honest pay. At least that’s what everyone over the age of 40 seems to think that’s what my generation is lacking. Not like a week of getting up at 6am to revise for 8 hours a day is anything similar to an office job is it? So here we part the seven of my friends who read this, i wish you well, especially if you are in the same boat as me, cast adrift on a stormy sea of uncertainty.


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