An Open Love Letter To The iPod Classic

1296501088ipod-classicYes i know i’ve not written on here for a while, i got a job and got busy, but something popped up that i needed to address, recently with the launch of iPhone 6, 6+ and Apple watch. Something sordid happened in the background, the iPod classic was discontinued. I can’t help but cry myself to sleep over this at night. This is what revived Apple after a rocky decade and it’s just been disposed of despite not understanding the loss of an actual market.

All you had to do Apple was give this thing a bigger hard drive, let it be loaded with .FLAC files and every single audiophile is chewing your hands off, i don’t want to be choosing which six albums i can fit onto my phone to listen to, i want the core experience of the iPod, my whole music collection all 147GB of it on me at all times.

I seriously don’t know where i will go when my good old Classic kicks the bucket, i’m even considering investing in another one before they stop production just to keep as an artifact from a better time. Neil Young’s Pono may be a viable option but i don’t want a triangular piece of yellow storage jabbing me from within my coat pocket on my morning commute.

What’s even more disappointing is that Apple paid $3 billion to acquire Beats. There was so much potential to put out a high grade audiophile beats branded iPod, supplemented by a marketing campaign fronted by Mr Young talking about how he and all of his rapper friends appreciate high quality music production from years of studio experience.

Looks like my ever growing vinyl collection was a good investment at this rate.

R.I.P My Love.


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